Voting and Reviews

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Voting and Reviews

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First I will say that I do not know French at all and only a little English (I use the translator).
The component is just great! I miss it only two things:
- Vote: maybe would be possible to integrate an option to vote? and may associate with some other plugin? preferably free ... :D
- Reviews: same as above (eg,

I do not know about programming at all, and I think it would be extremely useful.
Or maybe these functions could be done by way of an additional plugin? So just asking, because as I said, I do not know :D

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Re: Voting and Reviews

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You're right, i think that this is interesting for a lot of people.
For the moment, i don't know if i have to integrate that in the component or if i can do this with a plugin.
This will be free. I want to share this component with a lot of people for free. Everyone can donate on the website to support development and help me to pay for the webhosting.
This functionnality will be developped but for the moment, i'm working on another one (the administrator will created a database and each member will select elements that he have or he's looking for. So you could find a person who can exchange or sold you)