detailed view : right block moves under the center

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par Don Camillo » Dim 26 Fév 2012 02:08


the main part of my page is split in three blocks. The left block for the main menue, the right block for some banners and other modules, the middle block for the content.

Using the collection view I can see my collection and all items in a list. The general design with all three blocks are available, everything is fine.

Opening one member in the list and getting the detailed view of that particular item with the picture it moves my right block under the middle/content block. Reviewing the blocks (with Firefox Web developer) and the css styles everything looks good, all parameters are as wished, all parameters are like on the pages before. There is no obvious element (not the image, not the table, ...) that goes into the right part which might uses the space.

An idea why ? Any hint which further investigations my bring up some more information about the reason ?
Don Camillo
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par steevo » Dim 26 Fév 2012 21:49


I don't know what could happen.
Does your website is online? Can you give the adress to check that?
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