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Re: Sorting by Date

Posté : mer. 11 août 2010 15:01
par angiek

I'm wondering if you have had any success in fixing the sorting problem.

I've been able to clear up all my other problems with the module, except this one and something that has started happening since the upgrade I applied:

Now, when you go to the page, you must hit the reset button before being able to see any of the courses.

I am anxious to get this site launched, and this is actually holding us up. The board does not want to launch until this is fixed.

Please advise on the status of your fix.

Regards, and thank you so much for all your work.

Angie K.

Re: Sorting by Date

Posté : jeu. 12 août 2010 01:21
par steevo

For the code display in frontend, try to delete and recreate your links in the menu.
Sorting worked for me. I'm on holiday and I don't have my computer for development so it's difficult for me to investigate.
What's the date format you are using ?
(there's a session error on your site now)

Re: Sorting by Date

Posté : jeu. 12 août 2010 23:21
par angiek
Thank you for all you've done.

I have had some problems via the host and via some other programming. But I believe we may have it worked out now.

Yes, I can see the sorting is working now. We have to finish fixing the dates that got messed up with the upgrade, but it should be fine after that.

I did have the date format set to output Y,M,D, but perhaps I didn't do it correctly. I will check on this myself.

I hope you have a restful remainder to you holidays. I am sorry I bothered you in the middle of them. I look forward to my own holidays, just a few weeks off from now!

Again, you have a great component here. I look forward to working with future developments.